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Gift Guide For The Girly Girl

Gift Guide For The Girly Girl

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Happy Sunday, everyone! With Christmas season in full force, I've decided to spend this afternoon curating a few general gift guides for the kinds of people that can be especially difficult to shop for! Being a girly girl myself, I thought this guide was the perfect way to start off! 

You can click the numbers above to shop each product, but I wanted to explain some of these options, as well: 

One: Every girl should own a classic pair of two-piece pajamas! This set by J. Crew struck me as both chic and timeless. (This Ralph Lauren pair is cute, as well, and it's on sale)

Two: This is my favorite eyeshadow palette of the season! Even with colder temperatures setting in, warmer cosmetic color palettes are hotter than ever. I love the metallics featured in this set! 

Three: Who doesn't want a pom-pom hat for winter?! This one's the prettiest shade of pink, and it's only $15 from Nordstrom's BP!

Four: All of my favorite supermodels use this mask, and it's obvious why! I've been hearing about it for ages; it leaves skin looking perfectly dewy and naturally youthful. There's no better skincare product right now! 

Five: If you're a shameless selfie taker, this LuMee case is for you! With the touch of a button, its LED strips emit picture-perfect lighting. Yes, it's really worth it! (Do I sound like the host of QVC yet???) 

Six: Since I've started to travel a lot more in the last year, I've found that a durable (and stylish) suitcase would make life a LOT easier.  Calpak is a super chic luggage brand that I discovered this year; conveniently enough, you can shop their pieces at Nordstrom! (I added this one to my own Christmas list). 

Seven: This is my favorite candle IN THE WORLD!!! It's a luxury candle, so it's a little pricey, but when all the wax is burnt out, I like to clean out the glass containers and use them as makeup brush holders! I love this scent, too (it'd make a great gift for a mom)! 

Eight: Revolve is my favorite online site to shop, mostly because of finds like this! A lot of my blogger pals have already bought this coat, and it's easy to see why!

Nine: *gossip time* You may recall the brand name ColourPop Cosmetics from the whole Kylie [Jenner] Cosmetics controversy a year ago, when it was alleged that Jenner had been using the company's recipe for her own lipsticks and reselling them with a 70% markup. These lipsticks are the same stuff with the much lower price tag! The matte collection is long-lasting, and super fun to apply! Their collection is soon-to-be fully sold at Sephora, as well!   

Ten: If you're one of those people who likes to give books for Christmas presents, this is such a cute option! Macarons and Paris go together like three and eight ;) 

Happy shopping! More gift guides to come!! 



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