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The Best Buys For The Guys

The Best Buys For The Guys

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When asked what they want this year for Christmas, most guys (including mine) consider it a courtesy to politely respond, "Oh, I don't need anything!" Little do they know that this is probably the most frustrating way they could've answered, perhaps aside from,

"Idk something from GameStop" ~a particularly uninspired ex-lover of mine.

Luckily, however,  I've made a gift guide with a few items for every type of guy. And even if you think this list might be a little too fancy-schmancy for your special someone,  there's nothing wrong with wishful thinking or suggestive present-giving! 

One: Velvet blazers are like the crème de la crème of men's fashion, especially during the holiday season. This one is a bit of a splurge (the rest of the budget-friendly options are completely sold out aside from this one from Express, which is 30% off right now), but think of it more as a luxury staple piece (and a great accessory to your next Christmas party ensemble). 

Two: Bleu de Chanel is one of those classic, memory-carrying scents. It's a very androgynous fragrance, so every now and then, I'll wear it myself. This eau de parfum also comes in a much less pricey deodorant form, and a travel set

Three: Decanters make a great gift for men because they look elegant in the home (which is a plus for you), but they also obviously have much-appreciated utility for the man you're giving them to. I gave my boyfriend a monogrammed decanter for our "anniversary," and it was a hit! This one from Macy's is such a great price! 

Four: Guys seem to be weird about luggage and don't really understand that you probably shouldn't have the same suitcase, from, like, 2002 (especially if it's one of those weird ones without the wheels that ever-so-conveniently move in every direction so that you don't have to drag it behind you). I've found that Herschel is fantastically durable and more-or-less affordable luggage brand for younger men. I love this suitcase because it's a trendy brand, but both convenient and reliable. 

Five: The Tie Bar is a really cool brand (available at Nordstrom) that was essentially created to help guys match all their gentlemanly accessories. It's particularly great for the guys who aren't used to dressing up and get a little flustered the few times when they actually have to. 

Six: Mixology books are super fun gifts because they're a way of proposing a shared activity. Learning something new together is both thoughtful and entertaining, especially when it's a shared interest. This one in particular is from Target, so it's a great deal!

Seven: I love this watch because it's both stylish and affordable! Guys tend to be pretty particular about watches, so this is a great option if you don't want to be too obvious about asking his taste, since it's got a pretty classic look to it. 

Eight: I feel like this one is pretty obvious?? Even I love this book! 

Nine: Another great gift to show you care is a gift that can incorporate his friends or family. This game in particular fits most assuredly into the "friends" category, but it's nonetheless a fun way to say, "Hey, I actually don't hate getting together with your guy pals!" Also, it's always a good idea to propose the game yourself if you're spending time with a group of people you don't know all that well, so that somebody doesn't choose some other game that can get real awkward, real fast (ie, the accent game). 

Ten: This one has a special place in my heart because it's just about the most creative thing I've ever seen. My boyfriend has an aversion to flying, but since we travel a lot together anyway, this presented itself as the perfect thanks-for-taking-me-on-vacation stocking stuffer. He's partial to the Old Fashioned cocktail, but there are several other drink flavors, as well. (Note that you will probably get weird looks if you use this, though, as people tend to get a little anxious when the person across from them on the plane is stirring things together in a plastic cup). 

Until next time! 

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