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Aruba Travel Guide

Aruba Travel Guide

I'm so excited to share a few pictures from my trip to Aruba this last week! Prior to this vacation, I'd never really been a huge fan of the beach, but I'd seen so many pictures on Instagram and Pinterest about this island where flamingoes literally walk right up to you in the water; I was dying to see it for myself! 

I'm including all my outfits from the trip (with links to where you can shop them below each picture), along with everything I did while there! 


The first full day we were there, Forrest and I took a boat to the famous flamingo island. It was even more incredible than I could imagine - the flamingoes come right up to you on the beach! There's even a little pellet dispenser where you can pay a quarter or so to feed them, but they seemed kind of "above" kibble. I found that wading in the water with your hands cupped out to them was the easiest way to make them approach you. 

The swimsuit I'm wearing above is my new favorite- I've been loving suits with floral appliqué, and this one was so inexpensive. There are matching bottoms available on the same site, but I opted for a pair at Target instead since swimsuit sizing can be so tricky to figure out online. I'm wearing a 2 in the bikini top, and an XS in the bottoms, for reference!  



I brought this striped dress along with me, too, because I thought it would look pretty alongside the flamingoes! It's a lightweight fabric, so it was perfect on the beach. I've also linked a couple other dresses in the same style below. 



I bought this dress right before the trip to wear as a cover-up on the boat from our hotel to the island, but I also ended up wearing it to dinner one night, too. It's such a cute little sundress; I really want to buy more in the same style! Unfortunately, I bought it from a boutique, so I can't link it below, but I'm posting some similars that I also have in my shopping cart. 



This was the second swimsuit I brought along with me; I was so excited to get the top in the mail! I love how bold it is! It's probably one of the more over the top pieces I own, but I figure vacation is the time and place to wear the things you normally wouldn't. It's such a fun [and super affordable] suit!



Believe it or not, this palm-print one-piece is actually from Target! I couldn't find a more affordable suit if I tried. I love that it's adjustable in the back (you tie the straps together yourself), too. I found the XS to be a little short on me, so I sized up to a Small. 



I bought this lavender off-the-shoulder blouse for this trip, as well, and I loved how flowy it felt. The neck straps tie in the back and make a super cute bow! I think this color might be one of my new favorites! (Also, I'm not sure why my wedges are showing up as black below, but they come in four colors, including the white I'm wearing above!) 




Excuse the several photos of me doing literally exactly the same pose, but this swimsuit rocks. my. world. It was actually gifted to me by the company, which is hilarious, because I had it in my shopping cart like an hour before they told me they were sending it to me. ALSO, it's only $12!! I love the floral strap and the deep-cut back; it's such a fun piece to wear! 


This last number is actually one of my favorite dresses I've purchased in the last year. It's brocade, which you'd expect to feel heavy, but the dress is so airy that it feels perfect in the summer heat! It's such a chic little dress to have for dressier events this coming season! 


As for everything we did while there, here are a few tips!


Forrest and I stayed at the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino because they own the island where the flamingoes live. If you want to stay elsewhere, you can still buy a day pass to travel on the boat to and from the island, but it's much more expensive and not as convenient. I loved our hotel because it had several stores for shopping on the main floor (think Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, etc.), as well as great restaurants across the street on the plaza (which is still technically part of the resort). The pool overlooked the ocean, too, which was so pretty! 


Aruba is actually a very small island, so there were a lot of restaurants within walking distance of our hotel. I honestly didn't care for the food at our hotel, so we mostly dined out. Casa Tua was a great Italian restaurant across the street from us; I would've eaten there most nights if I'd known about it sooner! We also went to The Flying Fishbone, where the tables and chairs are actually in the water. It was so pretty to eat there at sunset! However, the taxi fare to drive there (30 mins there, 30 mins back) was a little pricey.


There were a few tidbits I was really grateful Forrest already knew when we went there; otherwise I would've been totally lost. For one, taxi drivers only take cash, so make sure you've gone to the ATM before you try to leave the Aruba airport. Conveniently enough, though, everyone in Aruba uses the USD, so there's no currency change! Secondly, most of the staff can speak English well enough, but it's handy to know a little bit of Spanish, too. I think they also speak Dutch in Aruba, but I didn't really encounter it that frequently. And lastly, going to Flamingo Island can be a little intimidating! Everyone there is constantly trying to cut into your personal space to get a picture with the flamingos. Luckily, the island is split into two parts: the right-half is the flamingo beach (which is adults only), and the left-half is all-ages. I loved going to the flamingo beach for pictures and lunch, but we usually ended up spending most of the day on the left-half of the island, where everyone is more spread out. It was much bigger and a lot more relaxing! 

I hope you enjoyed all the pictures from this post! Have any of y'all heard of Flamingo Island, too? I was so grateful to get to travel here and check it off my bucket list! Hoping you all have a fabulous weekend! 


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